Hi Ho Howdy

It’s Christmas time at Howdy. Spirits are high, Christmas music fills the air, and dancing is a given. This is our second Christmas since we opened and it just may be my favorite time at Howdy. I love seeing so many families and friends enjoying some ice cream and taking in the good feelings at Howdy. 

What is it that creates such a feeling at Howdy, especially during this Holiday season? It’s all due to the goodness of our employees and the Christmas and Holiday cheer they spread. There is no competition to sell, sell, sell. There is only scooping, free toppings, and smiles. And for our customers, hopefully a little respite from the hustle and bustle of the season.

On Saturday the 22nd, we had our second annual Christmas party. This year proved to be a little different than our first year. It became apparent how close the employees have grown over the last year. Everyone brought gifts to each other and sat much closer at the breakfast table. It was a magical time for me to witness and be part of. It made me realize again how we all need each other and we need to be loved and accepted. ALL OF US.

Howdy SLC Employee Christmas Breakfast

Howdy SLC Employee Christmas Breakfast

While sitting around and enjoying each other’s company, we asked a few questions to each employee. I think you’ll love reading what they said and getting a bit more familiar with each of them.

The first question was: What do you want for Christmas?

Marissa: “A surprise and a lot of dog bones for Chip.”
(Chip is her golden retriever, who is a companion and a help mate to Marissa.)

Zach: “More Titans gear.” (Zach and my son Wil are the biggest Titan fans this side of Nashville. It’s tough to get either of them to focus if there is a Titans game on.)

Patrick: “A surprise.” (I do have inside knowledge that if that surprise has anything to do with the Utah Jazz, it will be good.)

Kurtis: “It is a secret.” (Good luck Santa.)

Rebecca: “I don’t care.” (This is true; I believe she finds more joy in giving.)

Amy Jo: “Back Street Boys concert tickets.” (I can only imagine all 4-feet 10-inches of her rocking out and enjoying every minute!)

I then asked, “What do you want for others this Christmas?”

Marissa: “To help others.”

Zach: “To be friendly.”

Patrick: “Be Happy.”

Kurtis: Still a secret but he loves everyone.

Rebecca: “A White Christmas.”

Amy Jo: “Be happy.”

I found all their answers interesting because what they wanted for others wasn’t based on material things or last minute purchases. Their answers actually described traits in each of them, and gifts that in my opinion they already give to others every day. Happy, nice, and friendly; a Christmas wish to all.

The last question, “What is your New Year’s goal?”

Patrick: “Sleep more.” (My kind of guy!)

Amy Jo: “Stay up til 2:30.” (Hopefully just on New Year’s eve.)

Kurtis: “Take care of my Grandpa and Grandma.” (I have met his family and you would want to take care of them also for the mere fact that they are amazing people.)

Marissa: “Stay up late and work more hours.” (What a dream employee.)

Zach: “Be happy.” (If the Titans win, this will be an easy goal.)

Rebecca: “Try and limit my intake of the best ice cream around.” (This is a goal we all have at Howdy and fail miserably at daily.)

Wishes and goals. We all have them, no matter who we are. We wish for happiness and peace. We wish to be included and welcomed. We wish goodness for others and we wish for all to feel love.

We set goals to improve ourselves and be better at whatever holds us back. We set goals because it is that time of year and we set goals because even if we don’t succeed, somehow we are still better for having tried.

At Howdy we have wishes and goals. We wish that everyone who crosses our path will feel wanted and needed. We wish for a world of inclusiveness and friendship. We wish for acceptance and love.

We have a goal to keep providing the best ice cream we can. We also aim to have great customer service and to keep our mission alive to employ those with disabilities.

But most of all we wish you a joyous holiday season no matter what you are celebrating. After all, we are each amazing human beings on this glorious earth. We love you all and thank you for loving us at Howdy Homemade.

Howdy Homemade in SLC wishing you a Happy Holiday

Howdy Homemade in SLC wishing you a Happy Holiday

Heidi Nielson